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How To Train Rottweiler

Despite a bad reputation, Rottweilers have been raised as all-around work dogs on the farm and are a joy to train. You must be consistent, patient and honest and your Rottweiler will quickly learn all the simple, basic commands.

Can a rottweiler learn to open a door? With proper training and exercises, Rottweiler can learn a lot of tricks. This dog breed can able to assimilate a very large number of expressions or orders.

To share a harmonious life with your companion, you must teach him the basic rules that follow.

Find a corner!

You need this instruction in all circumstances. It allows you to discreetly tell your dog to go to his needs. You will avoid accidents at home or incidents at the neighbor.

Start teaching him this expression from an early age. For this, take him to the back of the garden and wait for him to do his needs. When he begins to relieve himself, encourage him.

When he’s done, congratulate him again. Also, anticipate the situation by watching the dog. As soon as he begins to sniff the soil at the level where he is used to, it means he probably has pressing desires.

At this point, you have to guide him by saying “Find a corner!” ”

An adult dog can also learn the same order, take him on a walk for several days. Whenever he relieves himself, repeat the order and congratulate him! After a few days, start using the instruction.

During the outing, when your dog begins to sniff the ground, give him the order to relieve himself. Some dogs can learn the order faster if you point them to a corner where another dog has already urinated.

When the dog begins to sniff the corner, tell him “Find a corner! ”


Behavioral problems such as jumping on people and rushing through open doors lead many dogs to dressage classes. You can easily solve these problems at home by teaching your dog to sit down.

There are many ways to do this, but using treats is still the most effective. Dogs seem to learn faster.

Hold your dog on a leash in front of you and make him sniff a treat. When he seems interested, tell him “Sitting” while moving your hand with the treat over his head to the tail. While your dog follows your hand with his eyes, his head will be raised and he will mechanically place his buttocks on the ground.

Praise him saying, “That’s good! Sitting! And give him the treat. Repeat the exercise several times. When your dog starts to understand, do the exercise around the house. Tie your dog with the leash and make him sit while you prepare his dinner.

If he tries to leave, hold him with the leash and make him sit down again. When a person wishes to pet your dog, first ask your dog to sit down. Make sure he stays calm while cuddling. Make it a habit to order your dog to sit down before doing anything.

Otherwise, his behavior will never be correct.

Come on!

This method is fun and even works for dogs who tend to ignore their owners.
First, what word do you use? Change the words if your dog has problems with the expression “Come”.

It’s easier to teach a dog a new word than to change a bad habit. You can replace the word “come! ” this way!.

Before you start, take a plastic box that you fill with cookies. Hold the box in one hand and take a biscuit in the other. Then have the dog sit in front of you. Shake the box in front of the dog and say “Biscuit” and slip into one in his mouth.

Like this, the dog will associate the box with the word “Biscuit”. Repeat several times later.

Renew the exercise the next day, the box and cookies in hand. Call your dog using the word “Come”. Shake the box and give him a biscuit. Now for the dog, the box is associated with cookies and when he hears the sound of the box, he knows he will be entitled to a cookie. In this way, the dog will understand that the word “Come” is equivalent to the sound of the box and subsequently to a biscuit.

Do this exercise several times a day for several days.

The success of a training program depends on how you use the orders. If you only use them during exercise, the dog will think they are only used for training. You have to use them outside the house.

Take your dog out in the garden. Tell him to sit down for example before opening the door or the gate. Tell him when and where he needs to go. When you have a visit, order your dog to sit down when the guests want to pet him.

The more often you apply the rules in the dog’s daily life, the faster he will assimilate them.

Which Fish to Choose For Your Aquarium?


When you want to purchase your first aquarium, choosing fish is an obvious fundamental step.

However, with the diversity of species available, it is often difficult to know which species are best suited for the tank.

To begin with, it is important to disclaim that some fish can not live with each other. Some are territorial and more or less aggressive towards their neighbors; Others live in schools (packs); Others still live alone and only approach a potential partner when they want to mate.

Our first piece of advice is to design the composition of fish according to the capacity of the aquarium (volume, depth, width). The choice of fish will most certainly influence future choices of rocks, decoration, and plants.

aquariumSome fish will be better suited for a dark soil while others will need sand to dig and create their home. Many species need hiding places to lessen their anxiety.
It is important to note that each fish has its own tendencies.

In small volumes, it is recommended to put only one type of species per living area.

The easiest fish to care for advocated by us are classified according to arbitrary criteria.

In species that have easy maintenance, the palm usually returns to the fighter.  Originally from Asia, this species has the peculiarity of being able to live in a very small volume of water, the aquariums of the small type, generally sold wrongly for goldfish are perfectly suitable for them.

In the wild, this species lives in small puddles and in marshy areas. Here is an example of the aquariums we are talking about

The second species recommended for a low capacity tank is a killifish from central Africa. A couple can easily be put in a shallow aquarium of about ten liters.

They are low maintenance and can be taken care of without a filtration system but it is imperative to regularly perform water changes.

Since the female is very demanding of the male fish, an aquarium must be planted and provided with a hiding place for the male. If the aquarium is placed in a bright room, it will not be necessary to add a lighting system.

However, the aquarium must be provided with a cover because the breed is great at jumping. Although maintenance is encouraged in a specific aquarium, ie only one species, it can be combined with calmer fish breeds in an aquarium with a much larger volume.