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Which Fish to Choose For Your Aquarium?


When you want to purchase your first aquarium, choosing fish is an obvious fundamental step.

However, with the diversity of species available, it is often difficult to know which species are best suited for the tank.

To begin with, it is important to disclaim that some fish can not live with each other. Some are territorial and more or less aggressive towards their neighbors; Others live in schools (packs); Others still live alone and only approach a potential partner when they want to mate.

Our first piece of advice is to design the composition of fish according to the capacity of the aquarium (volume, depth, width). The choice of fish will most certainly influence future choices of rocks, decoration, and plants.

aquariumSome fish will be better suited for a dark soil while others will need sand to dig and create their home. Many species need hiding places to lessen their anxiety.
It is important to note that each fish has its own tendencies.

In small volumes, it is recommended to put only one type of species per living area.

The easiest fish to care for advocated by us are classified according to arbitrary criteria.

In species that have easy maintenance, the palm usually returns to the fighter.  Originally from Asia, this species has the peculiarity of being able to live in a very small volume of water, the aquariums of the small type, generally sold wrongly for goldfish are perfectly suitable for them.

In the wild, this species lives in small puddles and in marshy areas. Here is an example of the aquariums we are talking about www.bestautomaticfishfeeders.com/nano-tank-reviews/.

The second species recommended for a low capacity tank is a killifish from central Africa. A couple can easily be put in a shallow aquarium of about ten liters.

They are low maintenance and can be taken care of without a filtration system but it is imperative to regularly perform water changes.

Since the female is very demanding of the male fish, an aquarium must be planted and provided with a hiding place for the male. If the aquarium is placed in a bright room, it will not be necessary to add a lighting system.

However, the aquarium must be provided with a cover because the breed is great at jumping. Although maintenance is encouraged in a specific aquarium, ie only one species, it can be combined with calmer fish breeds in an aquarium with a much larger volume.