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Composting In Your Home

Composting is a very practical method that can be easily carried out at home by recycling some household refuse. There are two ways of making compost, namely composting in heaps, which is totally dependent on nature because it does not need to be maintained, in a word, nature is allowed to be made. On the other hand, the place of composting must be well chosen.

It must be realized in a place more or less sheltered from the sun. However, exposure to different climatic changes can slow down the decomposition of materials. This done, it is necessary to let time do its work.

Afterwards, it is only necessary to mix the decomposing materials regularly with products such as ash, lime … which will accelerate the decomposition phase so that the compost acquires its fertilizer capacity.

Composting in tanks

The second method is called composting, which is also very easy to practice. However, you do not need a lot of compost. The operation is simple: take plastic or wooden bins, the choice depends on where the bins will be placed, with or without bottom but preferably without the bottom.

The bin will be placed directly on the ground, if they are not equipped with the lid, they must be made to protect their contents from the weather. It is also imperative to drill the bins so that the air can circulate there.

The advantage of this method is to have a faster decomposition and therefore a more satisfactory compost.

The secret of good composting

Both methods perform good composting. Nevertheless, the secret of good composting is the way in which it is carried out. Indeed certain rules are to be followed. It is not recommended to put too much of the same material into the compost.

It is necessary to air it every two months with a fork or a long-handled garden tool, so it will not rot and give off an undesirable odor. Indeed a good compost never gives off bad smells, unlike a bad compost. So make a gesture for the environment, recycle the garbage and save money by making your own fertilizer.

The second secret of composting is that it all starts in the kitchen. You need to first grind your food with a garbage disposal unit (see example bestgarbagedisposalreviews.net). In our opinion, these are necessary tools for every kitchen because the food is so much easier to compost when it is broken down.

If you need one of these but don’t know what one to buy then we recommend this one.

The next thing you can do is to have a proper garden. Refer to other articles on gardening and the benefits of it.