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Most Common Saws


The Band Saw

It rotates at high speed and has a steel strip (blade) closed on itself. The machine has a movable upper wheel (blade tension) and tilts. The motor rotates the lower flywheel, which drives the blade and upper flywheel.

What are the uses?

-Cutting of wood of large section

-Flow of raw wood


The Scroll Saw

It is the ideal cutting tool to give shape to a multitude of wooden objects (games, toys). The finer the blade, the greater the precision of the curved cuts.

What are the uses?

-Works of marquetry, models.

-Creative hobbies.

-Cutting letters.

The Router

It is composed of a vertical axis (shaft) that rotates at high speed (3,000 to 6,000 rpm) and is adjustable in height in the light of a table equipped with guides. On the head of the shaft are either tool holders or knives.

What are the uses?

-Moldings, tongues

-Cracks, grooves

-3 Wooden towers

It turns a piece of wood on a longitudinal axis to work with sharp tools. The part is fixed at one end by a claw, a spike plate and at the other end to the free-rotating tailstock of a mobile headstock.

What are the uses?

-Shaping a piece of wood.

-The planes

The Table Saw

It is mostly used for home carpentry projects, as well as bigger woodworking jobs.

What are the uses?

-Carpentry projects

-Woodworking (industrial and household)