Thinking of the Environment When Cleaning Carpets

The important topic today and it is how to clean your carpet while being environmentally friendly.  Most people aren’t aware but there are a lot of chemicals that are very bad for the environment and there are better ways to clean that doesn’t harm the earth.

Good Products

Some natural solutions that will leave your carpets feeling fresh and also clean are found at your local grocery store.

carpet product

One of these things is arm and hammer baking soda.  This is a very popular old-time product that is not just for baking.  All you have to do is simply shake some out and let it sit on the carpet for awhile.

Then you can vacuum it up, along with all the odor and dirt.

Biokleen Carpet and rug shampoo is another great product that is plant-based.  This product will cut through all the dirt on your carpet and won’t leave any stains or residue behind.

It’s plant-based so completely natural and something we can recommend here on A Green Day.

Earth-friendly products concentrated carpet shampoo is another great product that is great for cleaning your carpet.  It is very ecologically sound and plant based so we like it as well.  This product will remove even the toughest dirt, grime and stains all day long.

One bottle will last a long time and clean a ton of the rooms in your house so you don’t need to use a lot of different products.

When in Doubt Use a Good Company

When in doubt you should find a company that cleans carpeting using natural methods.  There are some companies that use very harsh chemicals and don’t take the environment into account, which is obviously something that is not good for the future or our planet and something that we don’t like here at A Green Day.

We hope that as always you take these things into account and think of the environment when you clean your carpets.