Tips To Make Long-Distance Relationship Work

More and more people are venturing to have a long-distance relationship either because through social networks they met up with an old love, they met their partner through the Internet or because work or academic circumstances forced one of the two to move.

In this type of romantic relationships, you will encounter a lot of skepticism. People will “warn” you, especially those who have had negative experiences about it.

However, nothing is impossible and these tips will help your romance flourish.

Plan for the future

You have to know where you are going with your partner. What do you want to achieve with him? Have goals and manage a calendar to save dates on which they will be seen.

It is very important that both have the hope of living together.

Meet with him regularly

Try to visit your partner every once in a while. Plan this in advance and include activities such as city tours, museums or spending a weekend in a hotel. May these visits be a party, something special.


You will need all the help possible, so use the benefits that technology gives you. Use an email account, if you do not have one, and write one or two emails every day. Use Skype or something similar to talk a few hours with him for free.

Write instant messages and use digital photos and videos so you know how you are doing in your day.

Write extensive and intimate emails

As a rule, write emails about your mood and about the conversations you had over the phone. Writing is more intense than verbal communication and will allow you to be more intimate.

That will create a closer bond between the two.

Try not to be jealous

Jealousy is very dangerous and can threaten your relationship. Jealousy is commonly a lack of trust and understanding. Very often it reveals insecurities and bad experiences from other relationships.

Remember that you can not control your partner and you should only have faith and confidence in him.

Stay positive

Always assume that your partner loves you and cares about you. Never assume negative things, if you get to read something in your emails that you disliked or if you made some strange comment on a topic.

To maintain a successful relationship at a distance, it is first necessary to strengthen the relationship with themselves. Being physically separated provides enough space to know themselves and cultivate their interests, aspects that are sometimes left behind by the time devoted to pleasing the couple.

For a relationship to work, it must have a deep and emotional connection.